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Think about how much money is wasted when you have to keep restarting your dryer just to dry your clothes. When your dryer isn’t drying clothes properly the first time, the outside of your dryer is running extremely hot, or you notice a burning smell, it may be time to get your dryer vents checked for blockage.

Dryers are the number one household appliances that cause home fires yearly. Lint filters inside of the drying unit only traps about 40 percent of the lint. The rest of the lint travels through the dryer. Some of the lint blows out of the home while the other lint lands in the dryer vent.

Over time, lint sticks together with the help of the hot moist air from the dryer. Air blockage causes exhaust gases to back up and eventually one of two things can happen. For one, your dryer could malfunction and stop working completely, or lint could be ignited and a fire can commence.


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High Quality Dryer Vent Cleaning Services that will Save You Money

There are many advantages in hiring Katy TX Dryer Vent Cleaners. From saving your loved family from dangerous situations to saving you tons of money on your electricity bill, we ensure you the quality service that you deserve. Our customer service satisfaction rate is through the roof! We love to exceed all of our customers’ expectations.

Our dryer vent cleaning services in Texas are fast, dependable, and effective. All of our cleaning specialist have many years of experience cleaning all types and dryer models. Don’t hesitate to take necessary precautions to protect you and your loved ones. Give our 24 hour operators a call today to breathe easier and feel safe.

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